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As an online bike store, we have a wide range of bikes for you ready for delivery.

Reward yourself with your dream bicycle!

You no longer need to go out as Bike Nut is an online bike shop that offers your desired bicycle. Be it a mountain bike or a road bike, our products are readily available! As an online bike store, we have a wide range of bikes for you. Below are our best sellers:

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Mountain Bikes

If you are into extraneous adventures, mountain bikes are perfect for you. Bike Nut is the bike shop for active individuals like you. Our mountain bikes come in different styles and colours that can complement your taste and personality.

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Road Bikes

Road bikes have a lot of purposes: racing, commuting, and even fitness riding. Like our mountain bikes, our road bikes come in varieties too. Choose the bicycle for sale that calls out to you.

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BMX Bikes

This type of bike is designed for racing but it’s lightweight property made it ideal for kids to use. This is why this bike for sale is loved by kids as they can use it whenever they go to school.

High-quality bicycle products

Aside from our continuous effort to make everything easier for our clients, we see to it that every bicycle for sale is in its top-most condition before handing it to our buyers. From the seat to the handlebars, each bicycle part is made of excellent materials.

Looking for a bicycle shop that sells bicycle accessories? Bike Nut has the best bike accessories in Australia. We are not just any bicycle store as we have all the essentials that you need for your bicycle. Take a peek at our wide range of high-quality products!

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Excellent bike advice and support

If this is your first time purchasing a bike, worry not as our support team can assist you. Just tell us what kind of bike for sale you are looking for, and we will check what fits the description best. Bike Nut can also assist you in terms of bike repair and maintenance.

We are known by our clients as the “bike shop near me” as we are one call away. We will rush out to you if we need to, just let us know when and what we can do for you. Our services don’t end after you purchase the bike for sale, in fact, our partnership starts from there.

Australia wide bike shipping

No plans to go outside? We got you! Bike Nut is an online bike store that can ship your newly purchased bike anywhere in Australia. Once you have chosen your preferred bike for sale, we can prepare it immediately and send it over to you.

Don’t want to spend too much on shipping fees? Worry not as Bike Nut is Australian-based. We are known as the “bike shop near me” as our clients know that they will not be spending a lot on shipping fees as we are just within the area. It also makes it easier for us to assist you in terms of repairs and maintenance.

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Browse our collection of bikes and bicycles for sale

Frequently asked questions

First-time buyer? Want to change the style of your current bike but have no clue what to look for? Unsure if you found a trusted online bike store? We will try to answer all your questions here. 

Bike Nut offers affordable bikes. It is not required to visit our physical bicycle shop as we have an online bike shop readily available for you. Of course, if you wish to see the bike personally, you can do that too. This will give you a chance to see the bike for yourself and check if it suits your taste.

Stop looking for the “disability shops near me” because Mobicity is within your reach. Expect that your ordered disability equipment for sale to be delivered to you on time, and even earlier than planned as we try our best to deliver all disability equipment ahead of schedule. But in case you are unsure what to buy, do not hesitate to message us. We would be happy to sort things out with you!

The most-recommended disability equipment suppliers in Australia is Mobicity. We are a company that seeks to help disabled and aged people through our advanced products that make their lives easier and more efficient.

Did someone say road bikes? Look no further as road bikes are one of our best sellers. There is a wide range of road bikes available in our bike shop for you to choose from. You will find different styles and colours that your sister will surely like. We have an online bike store for you to see our products. But if you prefer to visit our store, feel free to do so.

Mountain bikes are perfect for those who enjoy riding rough off-road trails. Some even have a shock suspension to make the ride smooth and safe. As the resident “cycle shop near me” by our clients, the answer is yes. We offer mountain bikes as well as road bikes, if you are interested in the latter bike type too.

While a mountain bike is made specifically for off-road trails, it can be used on the road too. We have different mountain bike styles and colours that you can check in our online bike shop. A closer look at our items is possible as we are just near you, eliminating your worry if Bike Nut is a bicycle store near me or not.

Stop looking for the bicycle shop near me or the bike shop with affordable products. Bike Nut has all the qualities that a bicycle store should have: near you, cost-effective, and trusted by bike enthusiasts. Our online bike shop has everything you need, from high-quality products to trendy accessories. Order now!

Your bike is not just a vehicle. It is a companion. The team behind Bike Nut understands that. Our bike shop has been serving bike enthusiasts for years so we can easily tend to our clients’ needs. We have transitioned online to cater to more clients who are more comfortable to shop at home, hence we developed the online bike shop.

The main differences between the two are endurance and speed. Mountain bikes are ideal for off-road but not recommended for long distances while a road bike is perfect for long distances and faster speed. The reason for this is that both bikes have different types of parts and gear. If you are still unsure which bike to purchase, feel free to contact us.

It is ideal that you choose a bike that fits your height to make cycling easier. Below is the bike size chart for your reference. 



Bike size

4’11” to 5’3” (150-160 cm)

33 to 38 cm

5’3” to 5’7” (160-170 cm)

38 to 41 cm

5’7” to 5’11” (170-180 cm)

41 to 43 cm

6’0” to 6’2” (180-188 cm)

43 to 48 cm

6’2” to 6’4” (188-193 cm)

48 to 53 cm

6’4” or taller (193+ cm)

53 plus cm

In the event that your bike needs to be repaired, like changing parts or adjusting the gear, you can contact Bike Nut. We also have maintenance tools that can extend the life of your bike even if you are using it daily. There are also cleaning materials that you can purchase to keep your bike in perfect condition.

Yes. Adult riders who have a height of 160cm are perfect for this type of bike. In line with that, Bike Nut has different BMX sizes that can complement your height. Don’t settle with just any other bike. Find the one that fits you perfectly.

The price range for bikes varies, depending on the parts, style, and type of bike. It would be better to
contact your preferred bike store to consult them about their prices and offers.

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