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Scam Update

Please be aware that scams come in many different varieties preying on both BUYERS and SELLERS!  Scammers are nothing but gutless wonders who dont care if they rip you off, so beware!


Buyer contacts Seller by SMS (from Malaysia)

Offers to buy the bike without negotiation, sight unseen and promises to make payment by PayPal.  He will ask for your email address and then communicate using it.  The scam then is the same as the one described below, where the scammer says he will pay the price of the bike plus the cost of transport and then will ask you to pay the transporter.

First scam reported is using email address

Honda CBR 1000RR

Beware of someone selling Honda CBR 1000RR Repsol Edition in Melbourne.

They ask you to register with WORLROUTERS.NET for payment and then he ships it to your house for inspection for 2 days but he insists on the full amount to be wired to the company above on their website.  It is a very convincing scam!!

Stay away from this email address:


We dont get many any more because we plugged the main hole where the scammers operate.. corresponding by email.  All adverts @ BikeNut have the sellers phone number as we believe, only 'genuine' buyers and sellers will communicate by telephone.

Having said that, always be aware....

Over the years we have seen two main scams through the bikenut web site.

  1. Bike does not exist scam
  2. Buyer pays via PayPal scam


The seller uses a web site like bikenut to advertise a bike that does not exist. The buyer negotiates a sale sometimes even talking to the seller (scammer) by phone. After the payment is made through Western Union, the scammer vanishes including the phone.

How we stopped this scam

Firstly, we review every new advert and advertiser. Looking for tell-tale signs, we are able to then block the scammer from accessing our web site. Secondly, believing 99% of scammers operate outside Australia, we only allow Australian's IP access to our forms. This single measure reduced bogus ads to almost zero.


The scam buyer contacts the seller by email saying they want to buy the bike (sight unseen) and offers and amount (often more than is advertised) and paid via PayPal. The greedy seller replies with his PayPal email address. Next the scammer says he is currently overseas and cannot pay the agent who will transport the bike. He asks the seller to pay the agent on his behalf and he will reimburse the seller when he pays for the bike. Thats the scam. Seller pays agent (agent is really the scammer) and then everyone disappears.

How we stopped this scam

As of 20-10-2009 we removed the contact form altogether and any contact via email. We believe legitimate buyers are more likely to contact a seller by telephone and that possibly, the only people using the online forms are infact, scammers.


If you wish to learn more about online scams or report a scam, there is no better place to go than ScamWatch.