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SUZUKI GSXR 750 K4 [2004]
2004 Suzuki GSXR 750K4, wow what a bike.
I have been riding bikes since the age of 9 and I am now nearly 35. In that time I have owned and ridden all sorts of bikes, my last being a Kawasaki ZX9R. The new Gixxer 750 is awesome, the power is very good but manageable with a claimed 146bhp and weighing only 163kgs it is no slouch.

The acceleration is brutal if you give it plenty of gas but equally easy to ride round town on small throttle openings. The throttle is silky smooth with a smooth delivery of power, if you are new to the bike it is easy to ride. It actually makes an ok rider feel like Valentino Rossi. It is very forgiving allowing you to go into corners too deep and just taking it into its stride. It soaks up bumps in the road mid corner with ease allowing you to make good progress round corners.

The quality of finish is good too with nice welds and good paint finish. Top quality components have been used utilising the latest in GP technology. This is a bike to be reckoned with both on the road or the race track.

If you are looking at a fast sportsbike then take a look at this, you won't be dissapointed.
YZFR1 - Serious Hardware

Obviously, with its 998cc, 180-horsepower ram-air fuel-injected engine, the YZF-R1 is intended for riders who like their performance straight up.
Not so obvious is that years of Yamaha liter-bike evolution have produced a machine that offers unsurpassed refinement, control, and confidence.
Optimum weight distribution, along with advanced chassis design and power management software, produce a bike that puts the horsepower into harness and then reins it into control with the latest in braking hardware.
Add to that the sculpted fuel tank and narrow frame and you have an organic machine that nearly disappears beneath you at speed.
The result is the winner of Roadracing World and Motorcyclist magazines' Open-class comparison tests.



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