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BikeNut @ Orange County Choppers

Beths say about OCC:

I have just read your comments re: your trip to the OCC. We did the exact same thing this past Dec while visiting New York.
My husband, daughter and myself visited the OCC shop and then drove out to their workshop as you did and the lady in the office said that they should be out for lunch anytime and they would be happy to sign autographs and have pictures taken, we saw Rickie take off in his car for lunch and saw Vinnie drive back but went to the back door to get back in. We still didn't get to see the other boys. I think The two Pauls were inside too, oh well it was good to saee the place and it was cold too!!!


Beth King


Yes, it is true, Chief Bike Nut visits OCC, Orange County Choppers, American Chopper.

I made a special trip to meet the boys, Paul Snr, Paul Jnr and Mike but no one was there apart from one of their workers (pictured), though Paul Snr's Hummer was outside, so he must of been in there, but he would not respond to my calling???

"Maybe next time, hey Paul Snr and I thought that I might have had a chance to talk to you, especially coming all the way from Australia, hope all that fame hasn't got to you, then again, when you're in such high demand, it's hard to spread yourself around, maybe we need to clone Paul Snr?"

Want to get there, contact me via our contacts page and I will give you a detailed map, because it is a hard place to find. It is truly a beautiful and quaint town, you'll really enjoy it.

Some pic's below: