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OCC Chopper Australia

7th August 2007 - Chief BikeNut reports on the Aussie themed American Chopper designed by OCC unveiling in Sydney, Australia!


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Angelique Ellis from Discovery Channel Australia and Tracy Sjogreen from eckfactor invited Chief BikeNut to attend the unveiling of the Aussie themed Chopper designed and built by Orange County Choppers – OCC in New York for the hit show “American Chopper”, boy, was I one excited fella.

So off I went, booked my flights, via QANTAS hoping there was no household staples in their electrical wiring loom as TV's Current Affair exposed recently.  I wanted to fly Virgin as I dig the cool Richard Branson approach but the schedules weren’t suitable and I don’t dig having to pay for the little appetizers, but back to the American Chopper Show and the Teutels – OCC.

The recent OCC Australian outing was not much of a success and caused quite some havoc amongst fans.  Apparently Michael Chugg of Chugg Entertainment was at blame being ill-prepared for the event.   BikeNut heard from many unhappy fans and we offered Michael the opportunity to comment but he declined. Orange County Choppers – OCC made a formal apology to all but there was a sour taste left in everyone’s mouth.

Tonight, American Chopper has managed to win our hearts back.  When the bike was unveiled it really took me and everyone by surprise.  It was somehow unexpected, but here was another unique piece of art by Orange County Choppers, really taking Chopper design to another level.  The magnificent detail, the chrome work, I was really taken by the pure magnificence of their workmanship, and a true privilege it was to see their work first hand. OCC were so clever in their design, using a Surfboard as the belt drive cover, the Sydney Harbour bridge as a rear hand rail, the kangaroo warning sign as an air cleaner cover, boomerang wheel spokes, crocodile skin seat, pure genius, well done boys, you've manage to do it again.

It was so funny to see some unreleased footage of OCC's stay in Australia. You'll be able to view the first part of a 3 part series starting this Thursday night 9th of August on the Discovery Channel. Firstly, would you have ever imagined that Senior was scared of snakes, such a tough guy, he went through all that pain for his tatoos but yet was scared of a little friendly snake? Secondly, Paul Jnr couldn't handle a frog, mmm, we perceive him to be such tough guy, but like all of us, they are only human. Mikey seemed little shy on camera, must of been out of his element.

OCC got to experience plenty while they were here. Russell Crowe invited OCC out to his farm and believe it or not, he was the person who first suggested that American Chopper build an Aussie themed bike, well done Russell, way to go.   Russell also taught the OCC boys how to play cricket, it was such a laugh watching Mikey trying to hit the ball but I don't think he succeeded once and Snr was quite distraught over the fact.  Senior on the other hand had enough of those damned flies, well, you know what Senior, flies are attracted to s..., only kidding big boy, though I must admit, it was hilarious seeing Snr with a fly net over his head, LOL.

OCC boys don't seem very opened minded, struggling to eat freshly cooked Kangaroo.  What did they think that we would try to poison them? I reckon the Teutals next trip should be China, could you imagine the craze that these guys would create in China. There you go fellas, I'll be planning your next itinerary, all the way to the Great Wall of China.

On a serious note, I think from what I saw, the guys really enjoyed our country and hospitality and one thing that I wasn't aware of was that Tourism Australia played a huge role in getting the guys here, in the end taking 18 months.  Apparently The Teutels were hesitant on another O/S trip after their last one in the UK, it was not all what they expected.. seems the boys have another fear - leaving the United States.  I can't blame them, who'd want to leave Orange County, such a beautiful town, not enough going on for me but certainly beautiful.




American Chopper AustraliaDiscovery Channel chose a wonderful venue for the launch, Aria Restaurant, 1 Macquarie St, Sydney, right next to the beautiful Opera House, excellent choice of venue guys. The views of that gorgeous harbour were quite amazing, it never seems to amaze me, especially while the sun was setting, the food was to die for prawns, oysters, lamb chanks, mmm, my mouth is drooling again, yummy.


Seems like Jacqui and the gang from Foxtel found my name Chief BikeNut to be quite a hit. Hey Angelique, I've got an idea, maybe we could start the next hit series for Discovery right here, in OZ, I'm ready to sign up, what should we call this next hit series for the Discovery Channel, how about the The BikeNut? It all starts here.

All you Bike Nutters will be able to watch the building of the Australian themed Chopper on Discovery’s hit series American Chopper premiering this Thursday 9th August at 7.30pm.


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