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Larry Emdurs Harley Davidson

Monday 27th August, 2007

Larry Emdur - The Morning Show Host and his new Harley Davidson Springer Classic

Larry Emdur is an avid rider and thoroughly enjoys his new ride, a 2007 Harley Davidson Black Springer Softail Classic with white wall tyres and fishtail exhausts, which was purchased at Peter Stevens in Melbourne, through Harley Heaven, and delivered by a member of our motorcycle transport group and Larry booked the job in himself over the telephone, I was told he was quite a polite gentleman.

Now thats one cool Harley Davidson Mr Larry Emdur. I saw a picture of Larry Emdur on his Harley Davidson in a supplement of The Age, Sunday 26th August, 2007, sitting on his ride outside an Italian Pizzeria that I have frequented at Bondi and decided that I must tell my readers about how cool Larry Emdur is.

Larry Emdur, my perspective of you has definitely changed. Larry Emdur talks about his ride on the Harley Davidson from Melbourne to Sydney the week leading up to the Logies.

He set off on his Harley Davidson with his mate choosing the back roads. Larry Emdur describes how it was not choice, back roads, not highway. Larry understands that the Harley Davidson is not made for speed but Larry rather describes it as a "lounge chair on wheels".

Larry Emdur rode his Harley Davidson through Batemans Bay, throught he Foothills of the Snowy Mountains, then back down the coast to Lakes Entrance in Victoria, which Larry thought was really beautiful. Larry decided to have lunch at the RSL club, he enjoyed a beer he said for only $1.80 and then gambled $5 ont he pokies.

The next morning Larry noticed a sign that said Mount Hotham, so he decided to head up that way, only to find himself in a mist of clouds, travelling at 5 km/h and Larry had to puul over and wear all the clothes that he had brought with him to survive the chill. One minute he was in a t-shirt and the next he was wearing five layers of clothes. I wonder whether Larry Emdur is mocking our Melbourne weather? Of course not, Mount Hotham is nowhere near Melbourne.

At the top of the mountain Larry parked his Harley Davidson and enjoyed a beautiful and warm bowl of soup. The Harely Davidson performed spectacularyly as usual, never missing a beat and admired by onlookers all the way down, something that Harely Davidson is renowned for, attention.

So if you are a shy person, dont buy a Harley Davidson, as you cant but help making friends wherever you go, the altenative is to never take your helmet off. Larry Emdur says that the ride was so beautiful, as he passed a number of different sceneries along the way. Larry's Harley Davidson ride from Melbourne to Sydney was breathtaking, he is now preparing a Far North Queensland ride.

Mmm, I'm thinking "Larry Emdurs Australian Motorcycle Diaries", what are your thoughts?

Chief Nut, signing off. Ride on.