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1915 Indian Racer in Sterling Silver

A 1915 Indian Racer for $7,500 USD....


Sounds cheap, well, it is a 1/6th Sterling Silver Replica that is a limited edition. Only 100 will be built to order.


It is a meticulously reproduced in 1/6th scale. A faithful reproduction of this 1915 Indian Racer completed by 6 men, it took them over 650 hours to study, measure, master and recreate every inch.


The result is a masterpiece.




Each piece is hand crafted in Wisonsin. It takes 21 ounces of sterling silver to make it, along with wheels machined from 304 stainless steel and tyres of nickel 360 billet brass. The finished replica stands at 13" long, 6.25" high and 3.5" wide. Even the timber case is hand made. An absolutely awesome collectable for any BikeNut.


Contact BikeNut for more info on 1300 245 688.


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