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One of the most legendary motorbikes, America's first ever motorcycles (1901). It was actually a motorised bicycle with a 1 3/4 horsepower. It's captured the hearts of such stars as Chief Bike Nut, Steve McQueen and good old Arnie (I'll be back).

The company went broke in 2003 due to unstable backing. Word is now out that Indian has raised $30 million and will start production in a 40,000 square foot manufcturing facility in Cleveland County. Stephen Julius, Indians Chairman says, "However, the success of Indian Motorcycle will not be based on capital alone. Recruiting a world class management team and following the appropriate business strategy are paramount".

So fellow bikenuts, if you are interested in a position with Indian then please contact us on 1300 245 368. We will ask you to forward your Resume and we will then forward your details directly to Stephen Julius, the new boss at Indian.

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The company, which has 12 employees, didn't identify the investor. In a related development, the company has named Steve Heese as its president. He succeeds David Wright, who resigned in late August. Heese is a longtime investor and partner with Stellican Ltd which controls Indian Motorcycle.

In late July, United Kingdom-based Stellican said it would invest $41.5 million in a pair of Cleveland County factories that will eventually employ more than 800 workers. Stellican also controls Chris-Craft Corp the country's oldest boatmaker. Heese is also president of Chris-Craft. Chris-Craft will open a manufacturing facility in Kings Mountain that will grow to 655 employees over the next five years.

That plant also is scheduled to start production next year.

For each year the companies meet certain performance targets, North Carolina will give them grants equivalent to 65 percent of the state personal income tax withholdings from the new jobs.

If the sister companies create all of the anticipated jobs, Indian Motorcycle and Chris-Craft could receive incentives totaling $7.56 million.

Fellow BikeNuts, I am unsure as of your stance on the revival efforts (let me know) but I am placing my name down to order one of these beauties, without doubt. If you are interested in touring the new premises, shoot me an email from our contacts page, see what I can do.

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