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Friday, October 16, 2009

Harley Davidson to Kill Buell Motorcycles

Harley Davidson have announced they are discontinuing their range of Buell sport Bikes and actively looking for a buyer for their MV Augusta and Cagviva properties.

The announcement followed news that Harley-Davidson's third-quarter profit slid 84 percent on lower motorcycle shipments and recession-related difficulties in getting loans for its customers.
Harley said its cruiser motorcycles sales dropped 21.3 percent worldwide in the quarter.

Buell will shut down later this month, although Harley will continue to supply replacement parts and honor warranty claims.

Apparently selling Buell is not an option as the Buell product line is too closely integrated with Harley-Davidson's operations and dealership network to separate and sell to an outside interest.

Below is a video send-off from Erik Buell.

"We've proven that a small group of passionate and inspired people can compete against industry giants,"

"I will always be proud of American's little sport bike company that took on the world," While I regret that we will not be able to build new Buell Motorcycles, Harley Davidson will stand behind Buells full warranty."

Erik Buell.

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