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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Les Ateliers Ruby - Custom Scooter Helmets

Les Atelier Ruby, a French helmet manufacturer that’s “inspired by Steve McQueen, the old days of race car driving, science fiction, and the great tradition of French luxury” has introduced a new service allowing you to craft your own helmet. At this stage customers can choose from ten graphic decorations, 26 colours and three types of paint finish and many different styles.
Les Atelier Ruby

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How Safe is your Scooter

How safe is your scooter really?
After a few weeks looking over and riding it, here are
my thoughts - Road Rats Scooter Safety

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Melbourne Toy Run 2008

Sunday 14th December - The 30th Melbourne Toy Run from Melbourne to Williamstown attracts 10,000 riders collecting toys for charity.

-:- Toy Run
-:- Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia
-:- Salvation Army
-:- OnlyMelbourne


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