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Monday, August 18, 2008

Honda appluads introduction of super flexi poles

Honda Australia is 100% in favour of introducing more of the effective methods used to help reduce motorcycle casualty crashes as evidenced by recent Hume City efforts in Melbourne's north.

Hume City road accident statistics show casualty crashes within Hume City have fallen to a five year-low, which is largely attributed to them introducing a suite of road safety improvements.

These include use of Super Flexi Poles in place of regular poles at two key black spots in Hume.

Super Flexi Poles are designed to absorb impact upon collision to prevent injuries to drivers and motorcycle riders, and Honda Australia's General Manager, Motorcycles, Tony Hinton says it makes complete sense to use this readily available option.

"We are really pleased to see there are some local governments who are taking it upon themselves to think about the road safety of motorcyclists."

"There are far too many poor choices being made in regard to road infrastructure, and we see it everyday on major arterials with use of more dangerous options such as wire rope barriers."

"We in the industry need to encourage the kind of positive initiatives that Hume City has introduced as that will ultimately mean a safer journey for anyone travelling via motorcycle or scooter."

Hume City has also installed additional speed humps, roundabouts, and traffic signals, as well as undertaken road duplications, widening and resurfacing. Further, they have an annual driver education awareness campaign in place.

"At a grassroots level, we are encouraging anyone who is interested in improving road conditions for motorcyclists - as well as for road users in general - to contact their local Council and/or local MP to express their opinion," Mr Hinton added.

"This is a great way to make a difference in any future decisions that are made in regard to our roads."

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