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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Europe proposes standards for guardrails

Guardrails: great victory for motorcyclists worldwide!

On June 13th, CEN members voted a work item to improve the standard of safety barriers to take motorcyclists into account and reduce injuries and fatalities. This is a clear milestone for motorcyclistsÂ’ 20-year-long fight for their safety. The best birthday present FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations) could dream of for its 20th anniversary!

Click on the title link to view the full report.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Dear Victorian Motorcycle Clubs,

Please make your members aware of this invitation to join our protest against the way the motorcycle community has been treated by our government.

This is not just about road tolls in the city. It's against wire rope barriers, the TAC tax, compulsory front ID for bikes and more.

Your members who can't make it to the protest ride can help by filling in the petition, seeing their Member of Parliament and/or writing to, or visiting, the media in your area. You never know they may have riders on their staff who will sign the petition and go on the ride.

Your club is welcome to attend the July 5 ride (DEPARTS noon) as a club and raise motorcycling issues most important to your members. Kids in their bike gear and club banners welcome. If this is a big, colourful, well-managed event we get media. If we get media we get bargaining power.


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Dear Victorian Club Committees, Webmasters, Editors and Motorcycle Shop Managers & Staff.

Can you please make this petition form available to as many people as possible?

Encourage people to print it out, copy it and collect signatures. People do not have to be a rider to sign it. Putting it on bike shop counters would help a lot.

Completed forms can be returned to Denis Napthine MP or to me at PO Box 3091,Tthe Pines SC, East Doncaster 3109.

We want to present it to Parliament on November 12, 2008. The Eastlink protest ride is on July 5, 2008.


Download Petition

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