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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chief BikeNut designs the next OCC chopper

I wanted to design a Aussie themed Chopper for OCC (Orange County Choppers) and their renowned American Chopper Show on the Discovery Channel that represents Australia and this is my interpretation of how an Aussie themed Chopper should look like.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

GT Falcons Soar in Price - AGAIN???

Hey, now I wasn't too far off was I? I anticipated that the XB would be the star of the night, re: Shannon's June 4 auction in Melbourne, and guess what, it was, $83,000, what a ripper. I had anticipated $70,000 for the XB, $190,000 for the XY, it sold for $211,500, my guess for the HO was $590,000, it sold for $525,000 and the XR GT sold for only $52,000 but recently sold again on ebay for over $80,000, well done Mister, you spotted well.

Where is it all heading? Well, I believe the XY HO's are staying steady at around $600k-$800k, the XW Phase II at around $350k-$550k, the XY GT's at around $250k-$350k, XW GT's at around $140k-$220k, XA GT sedans $65k-$100k, XA GT Coupes $85k-$120k, XA RPO's $140k-$180k, XB GT sedans $35k-$75k, XB GT Coupes $50k-$85k, XR GT's $60k-$90k, XT GT's $40k-$75k and the Phase Four XA GT HO, well, name your price for that one special car, the only, I dare say no price could buy that car, the owner would not sell.

Why the variance in price, well, it will always depend on a number of factors, colour, whether it is auto or manual, it's condition, if it restored or unrestored, interior colour, number of previous owners, every one of these points mentioned could make the difference between paying $350k or $500k.

I have one word of advice to all that are contemplating a purchase of a Falcon GT, whether it an investment or purely self indulgence, or maybe fulfilling that childhood dream, like I, make sure that you get a Pre-Purchase Inspection/Verification by Prices start at $1,000, think of it as insurance and definitely a must for any serious buyer.

Keep the marque alive and long live Alan Moffat.

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Bikers, Always Being Ripped Off

I am sick and tired of always being ripped off as a motorbike rider, as a collective we need to do more about these kinds of reactions from our government, it sickens me, it's time to get up and speak our mind, like the good old days of the 70's, when we weren't afraid to speak up....................see more

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

AAMI Insurance - Banned by Motorbike Riders

AAMI you should be ashamed of yourselves, you are a disgrace. Read more at

Signing off,

Chief BikeNut

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