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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Racing 4 MS

Racing 4 MS provides an exhilerating experience for people with Multiple Sclerosis and their care givers by raising awareness and funds for MS Australia.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Falcon GT's up for auction

Yeh, I know that you Bikers are also into your muscle cars, so I took this opportunity to let you know about tonight.

This months auction at Shannon's Melbourne contains a plethora of Ford Falcon GT's, an XY, XR, XB and a XY HO Phase III. Word is that the star tonight might actually be the Black XB GT.

Lot 22, the XB GT is the pick of the bunch in regards to Colour of paint and interior, it has the highly valued sunroof, it's a much sought after manual with some modern day creature comforts like power steering and air conditioning. Speculation is around the $70,000 mark for the XB, $190,000 for the XY GT, $65,000 for the XR GT and around $590,000 for the HO.

Anyhow, off I go to attend and we'll see how far off we were in regards to pricing.

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