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Wayne Maxwell

The directors of BikeNut first became aware of this page in May 2008 after receiving an email from a concerned reader.  The poorly worded rant [below] was written in November 2005, and after reading it, maybe it will explain why Bill is an EX-employee.

While we have decided to leave the article largely intact, please understand it in no way reflects the opinion or views held by the team at BikeNut, who wish Wayne the very best in his career and the path he chooses to go down.

For more information about Wayne, see links at the bottom of this page..

Wayne MaxwellWAYNE MAXWELL (rant)

I met Wayne Maxwell a couple of months back, seemed like a very talented individual that had his head screwed on in the right direction, I was very impressed to say the least. We got on quite well in the interview, he even went as far as to offer a place for our stickers on both side fairings, I thought, what a lovely guy, offering to do this free of charge, a very hospitable character and in return I would do everything in my power to introduce him to the right people to help fund his next move on the circuit and to let everyone know about who Wayne Maxwell is.

So off I go, got my stickers all printed up, spoke to a few people and then visited Wayne so as to place the stickers on his bike during the Australian Superbike Championship, last round at Phillip Island. I get to his work at Park Floyds Kawasaki in Fentree Gully Victoria and Wayne says to me, "Sorry Bill (Bike Nut) but I have made arrangements to place stickers on the bike".  I responded by saying "what ever happened to a Man's word", his response was; money talks and bullshit walks, thanks Wayne, I'll remember that and store it.

No hard feelings Wayne Maxwell, we wish you the best of luck in your sporting endeavours and we are truly disappointed that you did not allow the opportunity to work with you, but rather that you were "c" struck by the potential money from, wonder whether you will ever see anything from them?

From all my experience in business dealings to date, I have learnt at least one valuable lesson, and that is: what goes around comes around...


Bill, while searching on Wayne Maxwell I came across your comment on the sticker fiasco. I have been involved with Wayne as a friend and sponsor for quite a number of years and in 2005 along with Stewart Winton of SW Racing funded his entire Superbike season going to all rounds.

You should trust your first impression about people ( its usually right ) Wayne as a rider is a talent no doubt, as a person still a work in progress. Unfortunately in the Floyd-Parkes era he was a very controlled person in a poisonous environment being one James-Murray Parkes an individual that the Motorcycling fraternity and humanity in general could do without.

I believe if you spoke to Wayne today you would still find that larrikan spirit but a much more mature person as well.

Its amazing as you get older and reflect on things you may have said or done in the past you tend to get a different perspective.

I am in no way making excuses for Waynes actions then or now but if I had 10% of the riding talent Wayne has I would be a happy man.

Keep up the great work.

Garry Paternoster.