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BikeNut interviews Prozac Choppers

Does anyone remember the famous comment, "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company", Remington? Well, in a nutshell, this comment also describes what Franco of Prozac Choppers is all about.

Three years ago, Franco commissioned Chief Designer Pedro to build him a unique and outstanding Chopper as part of a promotional tool for Gotham City. Franco was so impressed with the skills of Pedro and the final piece, that he and Pedro decided on the inevitable, to start the now world renowned and famous Prozac Choppers. A match made in heaven.

Franco describes himself as a perfectionist with a particular eye for detail and design coupled with a talented Pedro; it makes the perfect recipe for a masterpiece. Walking through the Prozac shop out at Renver Road in Clayton, a mild mannered suburb of Melbourne in down under Australia, you realise what these artists are all about. The attention to detail is astounding and overwhelming, I was amazed, it just blew me away, I wanted to order a Chopper on the spot, or give my Heritage Softail in for a makeover.

Providing you have the $ís, Prozac can get you a unique and quality piece within three months using their well structured systematic process. Each member has their own work area and specific task in the process of building your dream machine, and all with the latest technology, it is just brilliant, it is what I call a team with a mission, the mission being to create art on wheels.

Prozac is able to not only custom design all the unique parts required to build your one off piece of art, but they also are able to sell you off the shelf products, there is something to suit everyoneís requirements. So, what are you waiting for, visit Prozac Choppers and get the ball rolling.

My last words on Prozac Choppers, to summarise my experience, if that is possible, because trust me, emotions just run wild when you are out at Prozac, itís the little boy in the candy store syndrome, well here I go, sex, art and passion on two wheels, need I say more.

To all the boys out at Prozac, congratulations, you are magnificent artists in the true sense of the word. You are what make us Australians proud, as Prozac represents, on an international level, the enormous talent Down Under. Prozac, get out there and show the world what we are about.

A personal note to Franco: Your ambition, drive, determination and style are what dreams are made out of, you are a perfect example of what a motivated individual can achieve, well done Franco and donít stop showing us what you are capable of.

The Bike Nut.

Glenn Ridge from the Car Show takes a hellride with the boys from Prozac Choppers to see what makes their bikes so sikkkk!

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