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Motorcycle Inspection Services

Motorcycle Inspection ServicesBikeNut highly recommends motorcycle pre-purchase inspections are carried out by an experienced, professional motorbike mechanic who is able to offer a trustworthy, honest appraisal of the condition and value of the bike.

BEWARE of services that are nothing more than a visual inspection and test ride, that offer little to the true mechanical condition of the bike.

Inspection services can also assist establishing the credibility of sellers for interstate buyers.

See below for professional services covering pre-purchase / pre-sale motorbike / motorcycle inspections around Australia.

Once you have purchased your Motorbike, Bikenut Motorcycle Transport can arrange for it to be delivered safely to your door Australia wide. For a quotation to move your Bike locally or interstate please visit our online quote page at Bikenut Transport

Protecti Secure Payment Handover Service

If your looking for a safe and secure way to Pay for your Motorcycle we recommend you try Protecti. Please visit the following link to find out how Protecti can help you purchase your Motorcycle safely, their service protects both the buyer and seller and is a lot easier than handing over a bank cheque.




  • Madbiker - Motorcycle services including Pre-Purchase inspections. Mad Biker takes the risk and headache out of purchasing a motorbike. They will visit the place of purchase to look over the Bike your considering purchasing. Madbiker provide a detailed 3 page Motorbike inspection report as part of their service.




  • Brisbane pre purchase inspections - Track Tune Services - Servicing Brisbane suburbs. There's nothing worse than discovering that nice shiny bike you've just bought is actually an expensive lemon. Don't buy a lemon. Buy peace of mind. Have that bike you're looking at buying, appraised by Track Tune. We offer a comprehensive motorcycle pre purchase inspection service. We look for faults, identify potential problems, and make you aware of any known issues relating to that particular make and model. We also offer roadside repairs - breakdown recovery, major mechanical & electrical repairs, roadworthy pre-inspection checks, race and ride preparation. Phone Glen for a pre-purchase inspection on 0431 350 514 - Let him know Bikenut Motorcycle Transport referred you -

  • Motorcycle Roadworthys - Licenced mobile motorcycle inspection service covering Greater Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

  • Townsville pre sale motorcycle inspections and secure hand-overs. Covering all areas between Mackay and Townsville including the north QLD inland mining towns. Please call one of the local Motorbike shops in these areas as they might be able to help with an inspection.

  • Cairns and far north QLD pre-purchase inspections - try one of the local bike shops.


  • Try getting the seller to take the Bike into a local Adelaide Bike shop to be inspected.


  • We don't have any bike inspectors in Tasmania, but try one of the local Motorcycle shops in Hobart or Launceston as they may be able to look at the bike for you.

Motorcycle Inspections

An authoritive inspection service must include a written report detailing the mechanical condition as well as an overall appearance and condition of the motorcycle. The inspection report must highlight any areas of concern, any signs of faults or problems.

The nspection Report must provide a comprehensive analysis of the following areas:

  • Engine and exhaust condition
  • Body, fairing and panels
  • Tyres, wheels and brakes
  • Frame, suspension and steering
  • Engine and drive train
  • Electrical components
  • Road test.

A motorcycle inspection service is designed to offer the buyer Peace of Mind, that the bike is what the seller 'says it is' and you are buying is the right bike!

Compliance & Registration Check

Ask whether the inspection service includes a compliance and registration check that guarantees the bike has a valid and compliant set of body and registration numbers and history.

Motorcycle Inspection Advice & Checks

Motorcycle Review Point - Wheels
Make sure there are no impacts on the rim, bent wheels, spoke problems, cracks.

Motorcycle Review Point - Tires
Make sure the tires are the right pressure. Inspect the tires for damage, cracks and deep enough tread (new tires is costly). Old tires are unsafe and absolutely need replacement.

Motorcycle Review Point - Brakes
Brake levers should be smooth with only a little play. Check discs if they are not cut or uneven. Discs are very expensive to replace. Disc pads can be check via a small look in the clamp. Check the right build-up of pressure in the cables and no leaks. Check the reservoir for enough hydraulic fluid.

Motorcycle Review Point - Suspension
Check if coil springs have been broken or have cracks at attachment points. Dry the shocks and the pump them down while sitting on the bike. The movement should be smooth and without any resistance. A small imperfection in the fork legs can lead to leaks. Check if the legs arenít leaking after the pumps.

Motorcycle Review Point - Steering
The steering should be smooth. So put the bike on the center stand and move the steering Ė it should feel super smooth. Also get off the motorcycle and lift the front wheel up and down, there should be no movement. Play and vibrations could mean worn bearings.

Motorcycle Review Point - Gauges
Well of course all gauges must be working and you might need to start the engine to check this. What you want to know is that all light and instrument bulbs are working. And not to be tricked by an unhooked indicator light which camouflages a fault.

Motorcycle Review Point - Controls
Jump up on the motorcycle and feel that all the controls are in good working condition. Smooth and easy to use,

Motorcycle Review Point - Engine
I always ask permission to start the engine. And I prefer to do it myself. This way you will feel much better how the motorcycle starts. Before you start check if the engine is already hot or cold. A cold engine might need choke to startup. Notice how smooth the engine runs with and without choke. This is your own judgment. A warm engine should start without choke and run smoothly. Listen to the engine run, this will tell you a lot (let it run for a while). Try to get a cold engine warm and then let it run without choke.

Motorcycle Review Point - Fuel
Open the tank and feel the inside with your finger (no rust?). Does the valve mechanism work smoothly. Look inside with a light. And does the reserve work smoothly?

Motorcycle Review Point - Exhaust
Inspect the whole exhaust system from front to back. Notice that all connections are firm, no rust and leaks. You can check for leaks by holding down the exhaust (watch out if hot) you will hear a leak. Also check for difference in pressure from different exhaust pipes. Blue smoke on a four cylinder is probably burning oil (bad thing). Itís okay on a two stroke engine. Exhaust fumes should not be black (give a little throttle to check). With a cold engine you can expect white fumes but not on a hot engine.

Motorcycle Review Point - Belt drive
Check the belt for cracks and if all the toothís are still okay. Also check the sprockets. If a sprocket is sharp it will cut away the drive belt.


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