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Orange County Choppers in Australia

Just a few messages from our many readers regarding OCC (Orange County Chopper) and American Chopper, quite an interesting read:


A Message from the Teutuls to our Australian Fans…


Friday, March 2, 2007 – We'd like to thank all of our fans 'Down Under' for such gracious hospitality as we traveled throughout your beautiful country. We'd also like to address the fact that Chugg Entertainment, the country's top promoter, booked OCC for the live event in Sydney on February 24. While the event may have not met the expectations of a number of our fans who attended, we'd like our fans to know that OCC had no responsibility for the overall planning and logistics of the event; instead Chugg Entertainment, as the event promoter, was responsible for such activities. We kindly ask that you direct any feedback and correspondence regarding the management of the event to Chugg Entertainment. We genuinely regret leaving behind any unhappy fans and again, thank you for your support.


You can contact Chugg Entertainment at their website


Name: Julie Ham
Phone: 07 49250152
Message: Thought you'd like to know there is an apology from the OCC boys on their website to their aussie fans


Name: Carolyn Looby
Message: Dear Bikenut

I have read some of the letters from angry punters who attended the American Chopper event at Homebush recently.  I too was at the event and can understand their anger. I left around the time the OCC band came on stage.  I am interested to know from someone what happened after that.  Did the Teutals make an appearance on stage?  Did the bike building demo take place? Anthing else?  Also, one of your readers expressed their disgust at the behaviour of the MC.  They might be interested to know that the MC was in fact Michael Chugg.  Cheers, Carolyn


Chief Bike Nut,


Thank you for emailing Orange County Choppers. Due to the large amount of email we receive, we can not guarantee a personal reply to every email.


Orange County Choppers


Name: simon flack
Message: On Saturday 24th February, I had the misfortune to attend the American Chopper Live' show presented by Michael Chugg.I have never witnessed a more amateur, poorly organised and down right shameful spectacle than this so called event.Perhaps Michael Chugg could inform me where the scheduled bike building demonstrations, children's rides, trade shows, workshop demos, Q & A session and signing with the cast of American Chopper actually were as there was no sight of it where I went.There was no attempt to organise entry for the 15,000 ticket holders who were forced to squeeze into a 2 meter wide gate manned by 4 ticket collectors resulting in delays of over an hour to get in, there were no first aid facilities provided, there was so little food and drink available and the queues for it so long that most people actually had to get pass-outs and leave the event to get food!It was billed as a family event yet the MC hosting was one of the most foul mouthed and rudest individuals I have ever heard, appearing to be drunk or high and swearing at the crowd who all felt as ripped off as I did. There was a grand total of 4 bikes on display from the show with approximately 8 -10 other bikes displayed from Aussie contributers, these took all of 20 minutes to see!The only entertainment offered was an hour long set from a pathetic cover band who'd be lucky to get a mid week gig in an RSL. All in all this was the biggest ripoff I have ever experienced in my entire life, not one of the scheduled events took place and if the guys from American Chopper were actually there, which Im beginning to doubt, then they have lost a fan in me for good. I only thank God I was not one of the poor unfortunates who shelled out over $400 for one of the so called VIP tickets. I suggest that Chugg Entertainment start offering refunds extremely quickly for this spectacular failure!


Name: Kylie Curry
Message: We went to the OCC in Australia at the Overflow in Sydney and were very bitterly disappointed in the event. There were no carnival rides as advertised so my kids were bored to death; You had to line up for over an hour to get anything to eat or drink and the Teutuls didn't come down for the signings. I bought the $440.40 VIP ticket as a special present for my husband for his 40th birthday as he is a fan of the show and has been a rider and bike enthusiast since he was 8. He was to attend a lunch hosted by the Teutals but they didn't show up during the meal; after the meal security came out and said to the room of 420 VIP's that the Teutals would be out in a minute for the professional photo's to be taken but no-one was allowed to speak to them, touch them or try to shake their hand. The Teutals came in and sat on 3 stools set up for them, gave a 30 second thank you speech, had the photo's taken and then left. There was no autograph signing (as advertised) during the VIP session either. The ride that the VIP's went on was supposed to be for about 3/4 hour and lasted a whole of 20 minutes and security surrounded them and no-one was allowed to approach them at any time. The most you saw of the OCC gang all day was when they stuck their heads out on their balcony on the 3rd floor from the top in the Novotel where they were staying and this they only did once.I have never witnessed so much bad form from a so-called celebrity group in all my life. 420 so-called VIP tickets sold at $444.40 each grossed them over $186000 and then add all the general admission tickets sold. I have never hear of anything so ridiculous in my life.They didn't bring the black widow bike which would be the most popular bike that people would have wanted to see.


Name: Heather
Message: Don't be so happy that the OCC boys are in the country. Thier show which thousands of people parted with their hard earned cash was a total aboniation. A day of entertainment my ass. 4 of thier bikes, a few Aussie builders, 5 stalls to represent markets and absolutely nothing for the kids and families who were there. And then didn't have the decency to to do a meet a greet to sign autographs for the crowd as was promised by te promoters. Really they should be ashamed. The only saving grace was the OCC band, who are an average cover band, but you wouldn't have paid an entry fee to a pub to hear them. I for one won't be watching anymore!


Name: Rob Barron
Message: My 28 year old son and his girlfriend paid $60 to see the American Choppers in Sydney and were very disillusioned, frustrated and exhausted by the poor event structure, lack of decent services for food, drink and shelter in the over 30 degree heat. And they were'nt the only ones.


Name: Beth King
Message: Hi Bike Nut,

I have just read your comments re: your trip to the OCC. We did the exact same thing this past Dec while visiting New York. My husband, daughter and myself visited the OCC shop and then drove out to their workshop as you did and the lady in the office said that they should be out for lunch anytime and they would be happy to sign autographs and have pictures taken, we saw Rickie take off in his car for lunch and saw Vinnie drive back but went to the back door to get back in. We still didn't get to see the other boys. I think The two Pauls were inside too, oh well it was good to saee the place and it was cold too!!!

Regards, Beth King


Paul Snr must have regretted not coming out to say hello to me last year when I was waiting all on my own outside the OCC factory, freezing my chops, and I knew he was in there, his Hummer was outside, now he's coming Down Under to make it up to me and probably bash me on the head while he's at it.You know deep down I love you guys and I can't wait to shake your hand, you know I'm practising my hand grip, so watch out Teutul Snr. Can you believe it, American Chopper to film in Australia, OCC is coming Down Under, slap me please, wake me up, this is not real, I can't believe it. I wonder whether they'll visit my freinds at Prozac Choppers, I'm sure owner Franco will let me know. The most Popular US television show American Chopper will film 3 episodes in Australia this year. Paul Teutul Sr and his sons, Paul Jr and Mikey, will leave their OCC home in February to spend two weeks in Oz - Down Under. This will be the 2nd time the OCC team will film the Discovery Channel series outside of the US. OCC will travel across Australia, visiting a number of locations to seek inspiration for their latest bike, with the program due to screen in Australia in late 2007. On returning home, the Teutuls will produce an Australia themed bike, which will eventually be sold at a charity auction, maybe something resembling the Sydney Opera House or our Prime Minister, even better, our treasurer, only kidding, maybe it will look like a cricket bat or an Aussie rules ball, how about Sydney Harbour Bridge or The Melbourne Arts Centre, is that enough ideas fellas, oh, here is one more, Paul Hogan? American Chopper has achieved cult status and I'm one of their biggest followers.

Wooohoooo, I can't wait.

See you soon Teutul Family.

Chief Bike Nut, Signing Out.

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