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Naples, Italy, August 2005


Do you believe that this is all that was left of the stolen scooter. The thieves obviously thought it was easier just to undo the front wheel rather than cut the chain. I was astonished, I stood there for five minutes just checking it out. Nothing is safe in the beautiful city of Naples. I fell asleep on the bus and was awoken by an eight year old trying to pick my pocket.


Well, at least I am able to say that I survived the city of Naples and truly experienced it for all it is infamously known for, and yes, I would do it all again.


I even got to experience the famous Napolitan pizza, the city famous for inventing it, no, there was no Aussie pizza available on the menu, but nonetheless it was the most tasteful pizza that I have ever eaten in my entire life, just take a look below and I am sure you may recognise which one out of the crew I am, a little hint, I have the biggest smile, definitely in my element. I also had locals Enzo, Cinzia and Robert showing me how it is done. Many thanks to them, they were my protection whilst I was visiting, yes, I nearly had my pockets picked while sleeping on the bus and I nearly got mugged on the bus, but this is Naples, it certainly lived up to it's reputation.




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