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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cumagutsa Sports Apparel

CUMAGUTSA is the brand name for a NEW range of apparel, T shirts and caps and stickers focusing on ALL extreme sports.

CUMAGUTSA supports the following riders, BMX RACERS, Max Cairns 6 world in the 13 boys at last years world titles, Brock Tuckerman elite mens, Kyle Horton junior elite mens number 1 in Aust in cruiser class last year), Branden Taheko now in 13 boys this year and is currently number 1 in Victoria. Local Bendigo FREESTLYE rider 14 year old Adrian Stratford and 12 year old A grade MX YAMAHA rider Matthew Hopcons/Talty currently number 1 in Victoria in the 85cc class.

Cumagutsa is happy to be supporting these 6 great riders,and looks forward to some really good results thought out this year. CUMAGUTSA now also sponsors freestyle rider Adrian Stratford & A GRADE Junior Yamaha 85CC rider Matthew Hopcons/Talty & Junior Sprocket rider Rhys Slater from Brisbane.

CUMAGUTSA Is always adding awesome new designs to the range of apparel so keep an eye out for those. With an exciting WOMENS range in the making. If there is something you would like to see in the CUMAGUTSA range, feel free to write and let us know, as we are always open to new ideas.

U can buy these t shirts on or you can visit the CUMAGUTSA myspace page to see our full range.

CUMAGUTSA Is Australian designed and owned.

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